Sri Nochur Acharya


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An Unputdownable Commentary on the Gita...

Magnificently enunciated and extensive in its scope and content, this commentary on the Bhagavad Gita shines as an all-round, impeccable spiritual guide, arising as it does from the Heart of a living legend, an Advaita master of our times. This 1400 page magnum opus is the latest jewel among Sri Nochur Acharya's rich compendium of classic Vedantic texts

Written in simple, lucid, accessible language, the text delves deep into interpreting Bhagavan Krishna’s holy words. Each verse is dealt with carefully, systematically and beautifully. From Acharya’s deep contemplations arise passages of revelatory significance and exquisite insights. Acharya conveys clearly and unambiguously the non-dual Truth as revealed by the great sage of Arunachala, Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi. The path of direct Self-Enquiry (Ātma-Vichāra) is revealed in all its depth and simplicity in this work. 

Just as we find in Acharya’s inimitable satsangs, delightful and inspiring anecdotes from the lives of our greatest saints and sages liberally adorn this text, driving home the meaning of the verses in a beautiful manner. 

Regular deep manana or even devoted reading of this text is sure to lead to the highest fulfilment, bring ever-lasting solace, and settle us in absolute rest, peace and equanimity. Bhagavan Krishna again and again promises those on the spiritual path that success is assured, for if we attempt to put these teachings into practice, the way somehow magically opens up, and we are led by an unseen hand, the hand of the Lord Himself, who holds us close to His bosom and breathes into us the highest Truth. Such is the amazing impact of this extraordinary scripture.

Start reading it, and you will find to your surprise and joy, how at once unputdownable and uplifting a spiritual book can be.


I would say without any hesitation that Nochur Venkataraman’s present book is the most complete, lucid and delightful exposition of the Gita. I had the good fortune of proofreading several chapters of this book, and each word of it gave me no end of joy.

This book is written in a simple, unpretentious and almost conversational style and is the fruit of three decades of study and exposition in discourses in Tamil and Malayalam.

Start reading it, and you will find to your surprise and joy, how at once unputdownable and uplifting a spiritual book can be.

Sri Ramanasramam

My fervent prayer is that Nochur Ramana’s commentary on Srimad Bhagavad Gita, a priceless treasure and a veritable compendium of spiritual wisdom that has flown through him, is read and absorbed by every earnest spiritual seeker.

It is a surging river that is sure to carry them to the divine ocean of the Self and dissolve them in boundless happiness and fulfilment.

May Lord Krishna, Lord Arunachaleswara and Bhagavan Ramana bless us all.

V. Ganesan
Sri Ramanasramam

Sri Nochur Acharya is a Paramahamsa, always abiding in the Supreme Awareness. He is the Wisdom Warrior who is ever peaceful amid the chaos of the battlefield of life.

Here we have an Acharya—whose life itself is a perfect example of the teaching in the Bhagavad Gita—bestowing on us this divine commentary on the Gita.

Sri Nochur Acharya

Sri Nochur Acharya

Ramanacharanatirtha Sri Nochur Venkataraman is a renowned Acharya of Advaita Vedanta. He was drawn to spiritual life at a very young age and had the divine grace of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi. After several years in deep contemplation on the Gita and the Upanishads, along with spiritual practices as guided by the Inner Being, spiritual fulfilment arose in the heart. 

Since then (from the age of eighteen) this sagely teacher has been expounding on the age-old Vedic wisdom of the Upanishads, Gita, Bhagavata and other texts on Vedanta. Acharya’s talks and writings on Sri Ramana Maharshi’s teachings are a powerful guiding force for Self-enquiry. 

Acharya’s inimitable satsangs in Malayalam, Tamil, English, and occasionally also in Sanskrit, brim with natural eloquence and erudition. Aflame with the power of Ātmajñāna and the fragrance of bhakti, they offer a glimpse into the Supreme Bliss of the Self for those who are ready to receive it, be it an ardent seeker, a renunciate, or even children. 

Countless seekers have found fulfilment in life through his gracious guidance. Through his satsangs, books and personal guidance, Acharya continues to keep alive our age-old Vedic wisdom. 

Dive into the Gita

  • Gems from the Gita — Part 1

    Gems from the Gita — Part 1

    We have no choice whether to act or withdraw. Our choice is only in knowing that we are not the doer and being an instrument of the Divine. (1.31)


    This world that is seen is impermanent; it cannot give us constant pleasure. It will ultimately grant us pain. True happiness, fulfilment, can be had only in our heart—the Self. Find it, and here and now, you are at peace. (1.33)

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  • Buddha and his charioteer

    Buddha and his charioteer

    Once, Prince Siddhartha was taken through the city and villages by the blessed charioteer Chaanna. The youthful prince was bubbling with joy and was full of optimism about life. But on the way, the first sight was that of a crippled person. Next was a dead body, and then an old man tottering with his stick.

    “Disease, old age and death… O dear Chaanna, what are these!”

    “That is the life of the world, O Lord.”


    “Is there any way to be free?”

    “Dear prince, behold there, under the tree lies the solution…”

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  • The Cause of all Conflicts

    The Cause of all Conflicts

    Once there were two monks—a Guru and a śishya—who lived in seclusion in a forest. One day, the disciple visited a nearby village and came back and reported that he saw the villagers fight among themselves. As he was not used to the ways of the world, he was perplexed as to why they were fighting. On hearing this, the master snatched the śishya’s kamaṇḍalu and said, “This is mine.” The śishya replied happily, “Yes, Guruji, please take it. It is yours.” The Guru smiled at the innocence of the disciple and said, “Dear child, if you do not have a possessive attitude (my‑ness), it is impossible to explain to you the cause of conflict. There is no way you will even understand why fighting happens in the world. This ‘my-ness’ is the cause of all sorrows and conflicts.”

    ~ An excerpt from Srimad Bhagavad Gita | Elixir of Eternal Wisdom by Sri Nochur Acharya

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